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ENH 617 Ecological Issue Report Guide: Articles

Search Everything - Articles


This search will find articles from journals, magazines, trade publications and newspapers.  For a more focused search, check the A-Z list of resources and filter by Subject.

About Search Everything

Search Everything is the main search box you see on the Library website, and allows you search across all of the Library's resources, both print and online, in one single search. You don't need to search databases individually, and your results will span many disciplines of study.  If you prefer, you can also search databases individually in subject areas you feel are particularly relevant to your topic.  For this assignment, you may be interested in seeing databases in the fields of Biology or Environmental Studies.  

In Search Everything, identify the core concepts of your topic.  There is no need to use Boolean logic such as AND, OR, to connect terms together. You can simply type in the keywords you would like to see in your results.  For example: colony collapse disorder honey bees.  You can view some recent search results on this topic below. Typing in these keywords will retrieve results with all of those terms together, somewhere in the record. 

Once you have retrieved some results, make note of the different types of publication.  In your results, you will see books, both print and online, journal, magazine, newspaper articles, etc., all of which can be used for this assignment.   To help identify peer reviewed articles, use the limits on the left-hand side to only show peer-reviewed articles in your results.  This will ensure that you are not looking at other publication types not acceptable for this part of the assignment.  Other limits, such as years of publication, language, etc., may also be applicable.


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