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Indigenous Law & Aboriginal Law: Searching

This guide is intended to help researchers locate cases, legislation, resources and databases on Indigenous Peoples and the Law.

Subject Headings

Subject Headings

  • Subject heading, or controlled vocabulary, provide a powerful method for searching the library collection of books and ebooks, available through Search Everything and the Library Catalogue
  • Most material in the catalogue on Indigenous Studies-related subjects is classified under the broad subject headings Indigenous Peoples and Native Peoples.
  • Searches can be further narrowed by sub-topic (e.g., legal status, sports, traditions) or geographical area (e.g., Manitoba, Alberta, Canada, Newfoundland) or Nation (e.g., Anishinaabe, Cree, Mohawk)
  • To search by subject heading, use advanced search functionality or click on the subject headings listed under a title.

Subject Headings Suggestions:

Example of Subject Heading Listings:

The subject headings for the title Arrows in a Quiver are listed at the bottom of the catalogue record and can be clicked on to find more titles on the same subject.

Image of the catalogue record for a book