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Library Assessment: Library Data

Data Visualizations

Data visualizations including this one can be viewed on the Ryerson Library Tableau Public profile.


The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) LibQual survey asks patrons to indicate minimum, perceived, and desired levels of service on a scale from 1 to 10. Questions are grouped into 3 dimensions: Affect of Service (AS questions), Information Control (IC) and Library as a Place (LP). The primary metric taken from LibQual for strategic planning purposes is the adequacy mean. This is a calculation indicating how much the library’s perceived level of service falls above or below patrons’ minimum expectation for service. We use the dimension level for reporting out, and question level for internal purposes. Ryerson ran LibQual in 2007, 2010, and 2013 in lite mode, meaning that every participant did not answer every question. Additional analysis is available including: open comments, average scores on minimum expectations and desired expectations, results broken down by faculty.


Description of the RULA LibQual Survey and results. 

Metrics that align the Strategic Plan with Libqual. 

Publications from the official Libqual site. 

Library Data

Library Collections

In an effort to promote transparency about collections expenditure, budget data is available from the library About Us page. 

User Experience reports

Survey Instruments

Survey instruments are available from this Google doc. Access is currently restricted to select Ryerson University Library librarians: please contact the document owner for access.