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Library Assessment: Resources

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for the Evaluation and Assessment Committee are available here (Google doc: login my be required).


Evaluation and Assessment Committee Members (as of May 2019):

Lisa Levesque (chair)

Diane Granfield

Alison Skyrme

Brian Cameron

Heidi Ritshcher

Lei Jin

Dana Thomas


The Ryerson Research Ethics webpage describes what research requires ethics review, and researchers are encouraged to contact for more information. The Assessment Librarian is also able to provide advice on Library research best practices, including recruitment, informed consent, and data privacy, confidentiality, and anonymization. 

Research Data Management

Library assessment data can be useful to other libraries for comparison and benchmarking. Libraries sharing their own data while respecting privacy and intellectual property rights set a positive example and helps to prepare library staff in providing Research Data Management (RDM) Support. Also, good data management practices including metadata creation, organization, storage and security help to ensure data quality and reliability. The resources below will assist you with managing, archiving and sharing your data.


If you require assistance with RDM, contact the Data Librarian Kevin Manuel at

Report Resources