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RACER - Interlibrary Loan: Tracking Status

RACER (Rapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting) is the system you can use to submit interlibrary loan requests online for books and articles from other libraries.

Contact Us

RULA, Interlibrary Loan

Phone: (416) 979-5314


RACER: Login Page

Tracking Status

Tracking the status of your ILL request

  • Login to RACER
  • Click My Requests.  A list of your current requests will be displayed.
  • If an item is no longer listed, check your email for notification about picking up your request.

Status Codes

Idle – We will process your request shortly
Pending – Your request has been sent to a lending library
Shipped – The lending library has begun the process of shipping your item
Not Supplied – Local library staff members are searching other libraries for your item and may contact you if needed.
Conditional – A lending library has indicated it will supply your item as soon as some condition is met
Received – Your item has arrived at the library and is available. Check your email for further details
Returned – Item is being sent back to the lending library
Cancel Pending – We are in the process of canceling your request
Cancelled – Your request has been cancelled

For more information, see Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Policies

E-mail Notifications

The Interlibrary Loan Department will email you when:

  • The item has arrived
  • Additional information is needed
  • No lending location is available for the item requested.
  • The request has been cancelled because the item is in the Ryerson Library
  • The request has been cancelled due to the policies of the lending library
  • The request has been cancelled due to the policies of the Ryerson Library.

Please make sure is added to your contacts or ‘safe’ list.

If you forward your Ryerson email to a personal account, please make sure has been added there too.