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CYC550 Foundations of Social Innovation: Library Assignment


The assignment is available in D2L, but here's a link just in case you need it!


List of Toronto Public Library hours and locations

Toronto Public Library Strategic Plan 2016-2019

TEPSIE common features of social innovation (Section 3.3, pp 17-21)

City of Toronto Ward Profiles

To prepare for your site visit, I recommend that you read this excerpt from the book Giving Our Children and Fighting Chance: poverty, literacy and the development of information capital / Susan B. Neuman and Donna C. Celano. It is a chapter on developing information capital and includes examples of observation of library activity in action. Two libraries in different areas of the city are observed: one in a wealthier area and one in an impoverished area. The researchers observe the differences in the branches and the way that children engage in using the library.

Slides from Week 4 lecture