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Using Toronto's Libraries for Your Research

The Toronto Reference Library


Toronto Reference Library Photo

The Toronto Reference Library is of particular interest to Journalism, History, English, and Geography students. It is one of the three largest libraries in the city, along with the Robarts Library at the University of Toronto and Scott Library at York University. It contains a large collection of current and historical newspapers in the Toronto Star Newspaper Room, houses an extensive collection of books and manuscripts, and has numerous special collections. These include:

  • The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection
    This is one of the world's foremost collections of library materials devoted to the life and work of Arthur Conan Doyle. Much of the collection is devoted to Doyle's most famous character, Sherlock Holmes.
  • Baldwin Room
    The Baldwin Collection is an extensive collection of primary source material on the history of Canada. The collection contains historical materials as well as Canadiana, and has a Documentary Art Collection.
  • Genealogy and Local History Collections
    The Toronto Public Library has some of the largest local history and genealogy collections in Canada, including digital archives and interactive neighbourhood maps that incorporate historical data.
  • Map Collection
    Check out Ryerson's own Geospatial Map and Data Centre first, but don't neglect this large collection of current and historical maps, with the option for reproduction.
  • Picture Collection
    This collection contains over one million images clipped from books, magazines, calendars and other sources. Unlike many other resources at the Toronto Reference Library these can be borrowed.


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