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Using Toronto's Libraries for Your Research

What Do They Have for Ryerson Students?

York University has several collections that may interest Ryerson students interested in:

  • music
  • law
  • engineering
  • business
  • the social sciences

Their music collection includes online scores which can be accessed while on campus through a guest account. While there, be sure to check out the Sound and Moving Image Library which houses about 25,000 LPS and 25,000 CDs, including substantial holdings in jazz and popular music, much of which is generally not collected by other university libraries.

The Osgoode Hall Law School Library is the largest law school library in Canada. They have extensive holdings on the legal literature of Canada (English common law and French civil law) and extensive holdings for Great Britain, the United States, and other common law jurisdictions. They also have law resources for Australia, India, the Caribbean, international commercial arbitration and United Nations treaties and documents.

Engineering students may be interested to know that York has Canada's only Space Engineering Program, and their library includes relevant materials to support this. See the engineering guide for more on the collection.

Business students will also find useful materials at York, mostly held in the Peter F. Bronfman Library and described in the business guide.

Social work, psychology, and criminology students will also find collections of interest at York, with resources described in the social work guide, psychology guide, and criminology guide.