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CYC101: Assignments

A guide to resources for CYC101 assignments.

Finding sources

You can find sources to help you research and inform your assignments in a bunch of different places. Your first task is to brainstorm the keywords that will be relevant to the sort of information you want to find.

Say you want to focus your assignment on the experience of black children with racism in the child welfare system in Canada. You shouldn't be overly specific at the beginning stages. You just want to see what is out there on your topic in a general sense. I would try to use the following words:

racism child welfare Canada

Let's see what that looks like in Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

Ok, there were a lot of results there and it's not entirely clear how you can read the whole article in all cases.

We can try the same search on the library website and be able to access the full text.

Search Everything for racism child welfare Canada

Here's a video that demonstrates how you can select articles and email them to yourself with an APA-formatted citation.


Reflection papers

Final paper