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Research Data Management

DMP Assistant Resources

The resources listed on this page are listed in order as they might be used when you are working on with the DMP Assistant. The DMP Assistant itself also will provide links to resources as you work. 

Image of the DMP assistant with resources Guidance highlighted with arrows

Data Collection

What file formats will your data be collected in? Will these formats allow for data re-use, sharing and long-term access to the data?

What conventions and procedures will you use to structure, name and version-control your files to help you and others better understand how your data are organized?

Storage and Backup

How and where will your data be stored and backed up during your research project?

Sharing and Reuse

Have you considered what type of end-user license to include with your data?

What steps will be taken to help the research community know that your data exists?

Ethics and Legal Compliance

If your research project includes sensitive data, how will you ensure that it is securely managed and accessible only to approved members of the project?

If applicable, what strategies will you undertake to address secondary uses of sensitive data?

How will you manage legal, ethical, and intellectual property issues?

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