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CS8942 - Final research paper: Finding articles

Guide to resources for searching, selecting and synthesizing the articles required for the final research paper in CS8942.

Finding articles

Using Search Everything is a straightforward way to find articles from various disciplines and apply relevant filters to meet the needs of your assignment. It is not the only way to find articles - for example - you may want to only look at articles of a sociological nature. In that case, you may want to use Sociological Abstracts. Or, if you only want to see articles that are scientific in nature, you may want to use Scopus.

The articles that you will find in those subject-specific databases will also appear in search results from Search Everything. Using individual databases allows the searcher to focus in on a particular subject and examine a smaller result set. Unless it is specified in the assignment, making the choice to use one or the other comes down to personal preference. Each database will have an option to select/save articles and email them to yourself.

For a full list of subject-specific databases click here.

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