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History, Africa

An overview of resource available through the Ryerson University Library for the study of the History of Africa. It covers the modern period (Colonial and Post-Colonial) as well as the pre-colonial period prior to 1850.

Some Works on Africa before 1850 from the Ryerson Collection

Ancient Egypt

Egypt--Antiquities (subject heading)

Egypt--History--Old Kingdom, ca. 2686-ca. 2181 B.C. (subject heading)

Egypt--History--Middle Kingdom, ca. 2180-ca. 1551 B.C. (subject heading)

Egypt--History--New Kingdom, ca. 1550-ca. 1070 B.C. (subject heading)

Egypt--History--To 332 B.C. (subject heading)

Egypt--History--To 640 A.D. (subject heading)

Africa in Antiquity

Africa--Antiquities (subject heading)

Africa--History--To 1498 (subject heading)

Africa--History--To 1884 (subject heading)

Africa--Civlization (subject heading)

Works on European Exploration of the African Continent

Africa--Discovery and exploration (subject heading)