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History, Africa

An overview of resource available through the Ryerson University Library for the study of the History of Africa. It covers the modern period (Colonial and Post-Colonial) as well as the pre-colonial period prior to 1850.

Some Works on Modern Africa from the Ryerson Collection


Use the Subject Search in the Calalogue for headings such as the following:

Great Britain--Colonies--Africa






For specific nations, try searching by keyword using the name of the country and terms like Colonization, Autonomy, or, Nationalism as in the following examples:

south africa colonization

kenya independence

algeria revolution

nationalism morocco

For specific nations, try a Library of Congress subject heading search beginning with the Name of the  country followed by History. This will take you to the subject index. Look for the time period or other topical subdivisions about the history of the nation. Another subdivision to try under names of countries is Politics and government. Some examples:

egypt history

nigeria history

ghana politics and government


Use the Subject Search in the Calalogue for headings such as the following:

africa politics and government 1960-

Try subject heading searches beginning with [name of the country]--History--{time periods for the post independence era]. Also try [name of the country]--Politics and government--[time period for the post independence era]. 

kenya history 1963-

ethiopia politics and government 1974-1991