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Troubleshooting Electronic Resources: A guide for Patrons: Too Many Redirects

Guide for trouble shooting directions for known electronic resources issues.

Error Screen

Here are examples of error screens with this problem


Too many redirects


Please report instances of this problem to and make sure to include details of which site you are trying to access and which browser you are using. 

Directions - Clearing Cookies for

First thing to try to resolve this issue is to clear the cookies that might be causing this problem. The following are directions to clearing just 1 set of cookies. All your other saved passwords and cache will not be affected. Please follow the directions below closely. 

Locate site settings for Chrome.

Directions for PC

Directions for Mac:

  • From Menu on the top left of browser, next to the apple icon, click on Chrome and then Preferences.
  • Scroll until you see Advanced, click on that to expand more options.
  • Under Privacy and security, click on Site Settings

Locate and delete the Cookies

One of the options under site settings is Cookies

Once in that menu, you will look for See all cookies and site data

We will search for the cookies we want. Type in into the search bar on the top right.

This is what the cookie looks like


Click on that for the option to delete the cookies


Click on Remove All to delete the cookies.

Try to access resource again.

Once you have cleared the cookies, you can try to access the resource again. If this has fixed the problem, you should be able to get to the site now. If this doesn't fix the problem, please contact