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Library E-Reserve Faculty Guide: Setting Up Your Course

Step-by-step instructions for how to set-up and add online readings for your course.

Getting Started

Before you can make any readings available through D2L, you will need to give the library access to your course. Whether you plan on choosing Self-Serve or Full Service, first follow these steps:

  1. Log in to my.ryerson. 

  2. Go to  Courses and Organizations under the Self Service heading on the home page.This is the my.ryerson home page, with the Self Service section highlighted to indicate the link for Courses and Organizations.

  3. Find and click on the Request and Manage Shell A close-up of the Request and Manage Shell link on my.ryerson.

  4. Click the option to request a “D2L Course Shell”. On the ‘Request a D2L Shell’ page look for the Library E-reserve heading. Click on the check box underneath it to give the library access to your course shell. This will also make a second checkbox appear. Click on this one too if you'd like to re-use readings from one of your older courses

The end section of the Request a shell page

These steps will give the library access to your course, which will allow them to add readings to it. These readings can then be accessed on D2L in your course.

If you have already made your course shell and did not check a box, contact, or if you are teaching a Distance Education course, and ask to give the library access to your D2L course(s). 

It can take between two hours to more than a day for a course shell to appear under the Courses You Are Teaching section of the website, so please be patient before trying to create a shell multiple times.