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Library E-Reserve Faculty Guide: Full-Service

Step-by-step instructions for how to set-up and add online readings for your course.

Full-Service Processing

Once you’ve linked your course, you can submit your syllabus or reading list to the library at Library staff will add the readings and make them available.

  1. Email your new reading list or syllabus to with full citations.
  • ‚ÄčThe required citation information can be found below, in the Required Citation Information section.
  • Microsoft Word documents are preferred as attachments.
  • Incomplete citations will not be processed. If more information is required, the library will contact you.
  1. The library will also require your course information in addition to your reading list or syllabus. Please include it in your request email. The required course information is listed below.

Please note that the Self Serve E-Reserve option may be faster way to get your readings processed and available to students when you are submitting materials past the E-Reserve deadline. 

An example of all of the course and citation information to include in a Full Service request email.

Here is an example email containing course information, citation information, and an attached copy of the reading list in a Word Document.

Required Citation Information

‚ÄčEach reading will need to have the following citation information:

  • Author name
  • Article or chapter name
  • Name of journal or source book
  • Date of publication and/or volume and issue
  • Page range used
  • Publisher name (for book chapters)
  • ISSN or ISBN (if you have it)

Here are some examples of complete citations.

Instructor Tags

It is possible to organize your reading list in D2L by specific weeks, modules, and other subsections. These are known as Instructor Tags. The course reading list will be organized according to their tags in your course on D2L. If you would like to have your readings organized subsections, please include that information as well. 

Required Course Information

Please include the following information about your course in any Full-Service Request email:

  • Course Code/ Course Name
  • Term material is requested for
  • Section codes (if applicable)
  • Instructor name(s)
  • Department
  • Anticipated enrolment
  • Duration of the course/number of times it will run during the current academic year
  • If the course is run through DE (i.e. Ektron)

Including the Course Shell Code can help to speed up processing. Course Shell Codes are a combination of the course code, semester, and section number. Codes will look like this: ABC123_p19_01.

Deadlines and Processing

Check our Deadlines and Processing Times page. E-reserve requests are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, so it is best to submit requests early.  We understand that contract faculty are not always able to do this due to contract start dates. Remember, if something requires permission from a publisher or creator, it will take extra time for the library to process.