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Library E-Reserve Faculty Guide: Self-Service

Step-by-step instructions for how to set-up and add online readings for your course.

Self Service

Our Self Service option lets you enter the citation information and make reading available yourself through D2L. Library staff will review each reading to make sure it is safe to share. Each term, you need to re-order your course readings to make them available through D2L.

You can submit your reading materials through D2L. You can supply a web link or electronic copy, add an item from the library catalogue, or ask to have a physical item be scanned.

"Cloning" is an option that lets you re-use readings for a course you have taught before. If your current course is using the same readings, you can "clone" them to the current course without having resubmit anything.

The home scree for D2L, showing links to courses.

This is the D2L home page, where you can select courses to which you have access. Click on the image for a course to go into that course.

Submitting New Readings

After you have followed the instructions on the Setting Up Your Course section, you can add new readings to D2L with these steps:

  1. On my.ryerson, click on Your courses in D2L Brightspace under Online Courses and Organizations, on the left side of the page.
  2. Once you are in D2L, click on your course to go to that course's page. A close-up of the course links on D2L, under the My Courses heading.
  3. Then, click either Content or Resources, depending on the type of course, and then click on One Stop Course Readings.The library E-reserve link to course readings is found under the Resources tab.
  4. Click Add Course Readings,The Add Course readings is highlighted by a red rectangle on the One-Stop Readings page.
  5.  Choose the type of material you want to add from the available options.
  6. Fill in all of the Item Information marked with an asterisk with the item's citation information. Use the Tags section to group readings together by topic or week.The form for submitting an article to E-reserves, with the required citation information marked by an asterisk.
  7. Select how the reading will be supplied, and either upload the document if you have one, or provide a link.The options for supplying a reading by link, PDF, or providing a print item to be scanned. The Submit Item button is found at the bottom
  8. Click Submit Item to add the reading to your course.

Cloning Old Courses

You can “clone” your old courses to re-use your readings without having to enter all their information again. To re-use readings from your previous courses, follow Steps 1-3 from Submitting New Readings, and then perform these steps:

  1. One the Course Menu page, click on Add Course Readings.The Add Course Readings link, located on the left of the One-Stop Reading page.
  2. Look for the option that says “Or would you Like to import Items from a previously taught course?” There will be a list of all the courses you’ve used E-reserves for. Click on Import Items for the course you want to re-use. The "Or would you like to import items from a previously taught course" heading, with the link to import items from a pre-existing course.
  3. You will be taken to a list of all the readings from the course that you selected. Choose which readings you want to re-use by clicking the check boxes next to them. To re-use all readings, use the Check All option.Previously-used readings from an older course, with check-boxes selected for re-use.
  4. Click on the Import Item button. It can take up to 5 minutes for a course to be cloned and the results to appear, so please wait before clicking the Import Item button repeatedly.The Import Items button underneath the items selected to be closed.