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FNU 101 - Food Practices and Policy

Description of the Assignment

(30%) Essay: From Issue to Policy
Students will write an essay that explores a current food issue (e.g. free trade, food banks) OR movement (e.g. locavore, organic, slow food) and the competing values and interests on either side of a current debate to understand the landscape of food policy and food politics. Explain how the issue you have selected can be used to create a policy for a specific target group (e.g. family, university, city).

Essay logistics:
• Size: Between 1200-1500 words
• APA style for citations & references
• Include a minimum of three references, being one of them a peer-reviewed article
• Submitted as a WORD document on D2L – Assignments
• Due date is March 18 (week 8)
• Include title, name, introduction and conclusion


Essays will be graded according to the clarity of organization, research & logic argumentation, syntax and grammar of student writing, plus instructions and originality. For more details please see Essay Rubric on D2L. Students are strongly encouraged to visit the Students Learning Support for support with academic writing –