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FNU 101 - Food Practices and Policy

Looking for Scholarly Sources

For this assignment, you are required to Include a minimum of three references, including at least one peer-reviewed article.

Peer reviewed articles contain:

  • Expert knowledge

  • Are double checked for accuracy by other experts (Peer Reviewed

  • Have good research methods

  • Focus on a specific topic/issue

Scholarly articles are found in databases on the library's website. When looking at your search results, note which ones are marked as Peer reviewed - you will also see a button or check mark to click to limit your results to scholarly / peer reviewed articles.

*You might also find an article that disagrees with your argument. Incorporating “dissenting” sources into your paper and debating their merit with your other supporting sources is exactly what scholarship is about. Scholarly writing is a conversation and a debate between your ideas and your sources.

 What are "databases"?

A database is an organized collection of information like Netflix, which is a database of streaming videos. Library databases are collections of scholarly articles, ebooks, and more.

Library databases allow you to search through millions of scholarly and popular articles, making your life easier. They let you:

  • Read full text of articles in PDF or HTML (just look for the “Full Text Link” or the “GET IT” link).

  • Narrow your results to only “peer reviewed” when necessary.

  • Email the article to yourself

  • Show you how to cite your article in APA (or another citation style you need)