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CHST 222 History of the Caribbean

RU Library Search Everything

RU Library Search Everything
This search engine searches for journal articles (chiefly those that are available electronically and subscribed to by Ryerson), books, e-books, theses and dissertations, and newspaper articles from some recent and a selection of archival newspapers. It indexes digitized content such as out-of-copyright books and journals that are available from sources such as The Internet Archive and The Hathi Trust.

Refine your search using the filters on the left.

For more advanced searching across a more targeted set of resources, you may want to try a discipline specific indexing/abstracting database or collection as listed in the next box.


Be specific.  If you want to information related to a topic in a specific geographical entity like Jamaica, use the word Jamaica rather than the more general term Caribbean.

Phrases like "caribbean area" OR "west indies" are quite useful in keyword searching especially when combined with topical keywords.

Try using truncated searches that use the *[asterisk] wildcard.  For example, "west indi*" will find phrases that begin with "west indi" including these phrases: "west indic" "west indians" "west indies."

If searching for ethnic groups, use the local usage such as "indo-caribbean" OR ("east-indians" AND caribbean). The term South Asian is not widely used in the Caribbean for residents descended from the indentured servants.

Key Indexing Resources and Digital Collections

A YouTube tutorial video explains how to use the Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice database with an emphasis on the Caribbean content.

Current and Recent Newspapers

Search for individual newspapers and journals by title from our list of journal titles

Caribbean Newspapers Online by country  -- a listing supplied by

Archival Newspapers

RU Library has extensive runs of one British, two Canadian and three important American newspapers and one paper from India. Coverage of historic topics related to the Caribbean may be sparse.

Open Access Archival Newspapers

Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)(University of Florida)
“A cooperative, digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. The website provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean culture, historical, and research materials currently held in numerous archives, libraries, and print collections” (cf. about page). It includes selected issues of historic newspapers including Gazettes. For newspapers, you may get better results starting in the section for its Newspaper Digital Library

Consider also the resources found in the section of this guide called Websites found in the navigation bar on the left side of this page.