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The Ryerson Library Book Collection

Most books related to Photography are located in the call number range TR1 - TR835 on the 10th floor and Film in the call number range PN1992 - PN1999 on the 9th floor. If you do not have a specific author or title of a book, and you do not know the Library of Congress Subject Heading, search the Library Catalogue by Keyword.

Some useful LC (Library of Congress) subject headings follow, click on the links to view titles in our collection in these subject areas.

Some useful LC subject headings are: 

Documentary films--History and criticism Documentary films--Production and direction Documentary Films
Documentary Films--Canada Documentary films--History and Criticism Documentary films--production and direction
Documentary Photography Documentary photography--Exhibitions Documentary Television Programs
Motion Pictures--Editing Motion Pictures--History  

Search Everything - Peer-Reviewed Articles


This search will find peer-reviewed, scholarly articles.  For a more focused search, check the A-Z list of resources and filter by Subject.

How to Search with Keywords

Your keywords are the main concepts or ideas of your paper. 

Shows how Boolean works (Synonyms with OR between them) AND (Synonyms)

For example the keywords for a paper on “youth employment in Canada” would be:

  • Youth
  • Employment
  • Canada


Use synonyms: Often there are multiple ways to express the same concept. For example these synonyms mean essentially the same thing – make sure to use them:

employment can also be:

  • job
  • work
  • career

Use “AND” and “OR”: By bridging your truncated keywords and synonyms with the capitalized search words “AND” and “OR” (known as Boolean operators), you can search for multiple concepts effectively.


We Have More information on Search Techniques