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Information Literacy Toolkit

Lesson plans and conversation prompts for learning about the ARCL Framework

Online Privacy Lesson Plan

Time: 10-20 minutes
Topics: online privacy, data collection on the Internet, personal information as a commodity, library services, library values
Learning styles: visual (class presentation), aural (lecture), social (q&a)
ACRL Mapping: Learners “make informed choices regarding their online actions in full awareness of issues related to privacy and the commodification of personal information” - ACRL Framework “Information Has Value”
Resources: projector needed, slides, a whiteboard for writing a list


Online Privacy Questions

As you work through the Online Privacy Slides, some questions that you will encounter are:

  • How do you feel about the fact that sites like Amazon store and share your data?

  • Why do they store and share personal data?

  • What are some examples of library services?

  • What are some library values? How do library values differ from corporate values?

Tracking Infographic

tech company privacy infographicImage Credit to Baynote