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Current Legislation

This chart lists online sources of legislation, all of which are free to the public through Canadian government sources. Tracing the origin of a bill in parliament or legislature to its final form as a statute, and how it operates through regulation, is useful for legal research. It can help determine the intent of a law, how it has changed over time, and its current status.

Statutes and regulations are available online in consolidated (listed by title) and annual (listed by year) format. They may be listed separately or together e.g. organized by Statute and then by relevant regulations. Statues and regulations are also available through the legal research databases WestlawNext Canada, LexisNexis Advance Quicklaw, and CanLII (which has the legislation comparison tool). HeinOnline includes the Revised Statutes of Canada.

Bills are posted to parliament and legislature website. Organized by calendar date of reading or status, the full text, notable speeches, and votes are usually included.

Gazettes are official government newspapers published by jurisdiction. They include public notices, proclamations, and new statutes and regulations.

The Hansard is the official record of the proceedings of the parliament and legislature. It includes transcripts and an index, and is published by jurisdiction.

The Journals, Votes, and Proceedings are sources for records and meeting minutes.

For each resource, information is given online about whether this constitutes an official source of legal information. Unofficial sources are useful for research and informational purposes, while official sources are usually required for court submissions.

Journals / Votes & Proceedings


Consolidated (Justice Laws)

Annual (Justice Laws)

Consolidated (Justice Laws)

Annual (Canada Gazette II)

LegisInfo Canada Gazette

Senate (Hansard)

House of Commons (Hansard)

Senate Journals

House of Commons Journals

Votes & Proceedings


Consolidated (Ontario e-Laws)

Annual (Ontario e-laws)

Consolidated (Ontario e-Laws)

Annual (Ontario e-Laws)

Legislative Assembly Ontario Gazette Hansard Votes & Proceedings


Consolidated (Laws Online)

Annual (CanLII)

Consolidated (Laws Online) Legislative Assembly Alberta Gazette Legislative Assembly Calendar and Videos Votes & Proceedings

British Columbia

Consolidated (BC Laws)

Consolidated (BC Laws)

Annual (BC Laws)

Legislative Assembly

BC Gazette Part I

BC Gazette Part II



Votes & Proceedings


Consolidated (Manitoba Laws)

Annual (Manitoba Laws)

Consolidated (Manitoba Laws)

Annual (Manitoba Laws)

Legislative Assembly Manitoba Gazette Hansard


Votes & Proceedings

New Brunswick

Consolidated (Justice and Office of the Attorney General)

Consolidated (Justice and Office of the Attorney General) Legislative Assembly Royal Gazette Legislative Assembly Videos Journals


Consolidated (Legislative Counsel)

Annual (Legislative Counsel)

Consolidated (Legislative Counsel)

Annual (Legislative Counsel)

Legislative Assembly The Newfoundland and Labrador Gazette Hansard Journals

Northwest Territories

Consolidated (Legislative Assembly) Consolidated (Legislative Assembly) Legislative Assembly Northwest Territories Gazette Hansard Votes & Proceedings

Nova Scotia

Consolidated (Legislature)

Annual (Legislature)

Consolidated (Office of the Registrar) Legislature Royal Gazette Hansard Journals & Proceedings


Consolidated (Nunavut Legislation)

Annual (Nunavut Legislation)

Consolidated (Department of Justice) Legislative Assembly Nunavut Gazette Hansard  

Prince Edward Island

Consolidated (Government of PEI) Consolidated (Government of PEI) Legislative Assembly Royal Gazette Hansard Journals


Consolidated (LégisQuébec)

Annual (LégisQuébec)

Consolidated (LégisQuébec)

Annual (LégisQuébec)

National Assembly Quebec Gazette Hansard Proceedings




Consolidated (Freelaw)

Annual (Freelaw)

Consolidated (Freelaw) Legislative Assembly Saskatchewan Gazette Hansard


Votes & Proceedings


Consolidated (Legislative Assembly)

Annual (Legislative Assembly)

Consolidated (Legislative Assembly) Legislative Assembly Yukon Gazette Hansard Journals