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Mad Studies

Key Books in Mad Studies

Light BulbTIP: For even more sources always look at the Works Cited page of a great book or article you found. This is an easy way to find books and articles on your topic.

Where to Find Books

Searching for Books and e-Books

RULA's Home Page: 

From the Library's homepage you can use either Search Everything (the search box in the middle of the homepage) or the “Books & Media” tab on our home page.


Search Everything on RULA's homepage      Books and Media Tab on RULA's homapge

Mad Studies Keywords (Search Words)

Try these search terms when seeking information about Mad Studies.


Anti-Oppressive Practice




Mad identity/pride/community etc……


Identity Politics

Trauma / Trauma informed

Social constructionism



Psychiatric Survivor


Service user (common term in the UK)

Recovery discourse


Critical mental health







Search for Books and eBooks


Use Keywords to Search Ryerson Library's Catalogue for Books and eBooks.

Understanding your Results

Medical Model vs the Social Model in the Library’s Call number location

If your book has a call number (on the book’s spine) with the following, take note:Book spines with Call numbers

RC 435-571= Psychiatry

Books in this section are for the medical and clinical interpretation of psychiatry. The books could be written from the medical perspective for a practitioner.

This is an excellent section for looking at for the medical model of madness

BUT there is more and more books in this section that are written from the Mad perspective. Since Mad activism and scholarship is a growing field - the RC call number section is no longer just a “medical” model.   

Therefore, You’ll have to look at all sources in this area with a critical view and analyze which  perspective the book is written in.  

HV 1551-3024 = Disability Studies

Books in this section are written through the social lens of Disability (or at least the are supposed to be). Again, you’ll have to look at all sources in this area with a critical view and analyze which perspective the book is written in.