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Quick Summary: Find Books

How to Find Books decorative

1. Use the Book Catalogue (


2. Use Search Everything and refine your search results to Books

Result Page


More Information: decorative

Find Books (In depth Instructions)

How to Search (Keywords)

Evaluate your Sources

Quick Summary: Using Keywords

1. Keywords are the most important words in your topicdecorative

  • Is the petroleum industry contributing to climate change in Canada?

        = petroleum industry + climate change + Canada


2. Also think of other words or phrases related to your topic (Synonyms).

  • Climate change = global warming

  • Petroleum = oil

*A concept map can help you come up with related terms to your topic


3. Search again and again using different keywords! 


4. Use the limiters available like “Peer Reviewed” or “Date Range”


More Information:

Advanced Search (Boolean) Tips

Searching with Keywords (Video)

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Find Books