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Scholarly Communication

This guide contains information and resources related to scholarly communication and publishing at Ryerson University.

About the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository

The Ryerson University Library Digital Repository is Ryerson’s institutional repository for collecting, preserving, and providing online access to research and teaching materials created by the Ryerson community. Content is openly available to anyone on the web. You can find theses, dissertations, articles, technical reports, working papers, conference papers, etc. within the repository.

The Importance of Institutional Repositories

By archiving your article in the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository, or any open access repository, your research will have increased visibility, usage, and impact.  By making your article open access via the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository, you will help to provide equitable access to materials that only wealthy nations and institutions are able to afford.

For more information please contact Brian Cameron.

Post your research (journal article, conference paper, etc)

If you have unpublished work, conference papers etc., the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository can act as a medium to provide open access to research you have done while at Ryerson. When submitting an article for publication to commercial publishers, consider reserving rights to post material to the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository when signing publishers agreements. This is now a common practice among academics, but you usually have to ask the publisher to receive this right in your contract.

For more information about copyright, please see our copyright pages.

Submitting to the Ryerson University Library Digital Repository

Please note that submission to the Digital Repository is on hold while we migrate to a neewer and more functional platform.